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After 7.5 hours’ trip, you’ll be in the island of wild dolphins and deep forest.


How to Spend

Dolphin Swimming is the most popular activity in Mikura Is., but you can enjoy hiking as well.
Besides them, you can also enjoy fishing, bird-watching, finding rare insects and plants, and you can even enjoy reading in the forest! Find your own way to spend time here.



We have three rooms for stay, and three adults can stay in one room.



We design and sell some souvenirs. We also operate English salon and other events.

Where is Mikura Island?


From Tokyo, it’s about 200 km to the south, and it’s 18km to the south from Miyake Island. The latitude is 33°53’, and it is the same as Kumano City, Kii Peninsula.
To Mikura Island, you can take a ferry from Takshiba, Tokyo. It departs at 10:30 pm and arrives at Mikura Island at 5:55 am.
From Mikura Island, the ferry departs at 12:35 and arrives at Takehiba at 7:45 pm.

Mikura Is. Map

There is only one village on the north of the island, and 300 people live. We do not have a road that goes around the whole island, but every place you need to go is easily accessible on foot.